Real Zeolite Testimonials

27.11.2007 doctors told me I have prostate cancer and metastates in some bones. I started hormone therapy. a friend of mine living in canada send me zeolite. I started zeolite also. after 6 months doctors ( hacettepe university, one of the biggest in turkey) told me my MR ( radiophar.) seems good. no  bad news about new metastases. after another 6 months no sign of metastases.and they asked me if  I do some thing special. I said  zeolite. they didn’t care much. I used zeolite continuous one year. now its nearly 2018. I get hormone therapy from time to time and when hormone therapy starts, I start zeolite. and my doctors still didn’t ask me anything about zeolite. just say “..god is with still you  are alive.”


Guneş T.



I just wanted to drop you a line about the mysterious ways zeolite has been working in my household. After you prescribed it, I read that it helps with Crohn’s and Colitis. My cat has colitis. Not to get too graphic, but the poor thing has blood and mucus coming out when pooping. His stools are often very loose, and I find little poop drippings outside of the litter box and on the windowsill where he sits. (Sorry I know it’s not pretty!) Anyway, I started mixing a little bit of the powder in with his morning wet food, and almost immediately noticed a HUGE difference. No more blood, mucus, or loose stools. Nearly all the little marks on the window sills are gone. I have noticed that if I forget to mix the zeolite powder in for a couple days, it will easily come back. The vet suggested only expensive wet food as a solution, but it never helped and he was always hungry. I cannot believe how much zeolite alone has helped and I was able to get him back on his regular dry/wet food diet. Just wanted to let you know that it’s not only helped me, but also my furry baby!

Forever grateful for this miracle powder!

Gina P.


Hi Dr. Peiper,

I just wanted to tell you the amazing experience my uncle has had with zeolite. I have been taking it for nearly six years, and have had great results. I rarely get sick now, compared to constantly having unexplained low fevers and getting the flu a couple times each year. (My immune system was SHOT!) I also know about how zeolite helps to kill cancer. When my uncle was diagnosed with leukemia a couple years ago, he was told that his “numbers” were too low to treat yet and he would probably need treatment in 5-10 years. I thought this was ridiculous! Wait until cancer has you nearly dead so we can give you deadly medicine to kill you off entirely!

Anyway, I MADE him take the zeolite powder you recommended. (What else did he have to lose? It’s not like he was taking medication or receiving treatment.) First thing that happen was that within a week, his high blood pressure became normalized and he got off the blood pressure medication he was taking for over a decade. (Honestly, if his blood pressure didn’t lower, I don’t know if he would have stuck with taking it because people always want to see immediate results, fast!).

Secondly, its been 2 years since he started taking zeolite twice a day, everyday, and his leukemia “numbers” have been reversing/dropping. His dr. is mystified and said that he has never seen this before. (BTW, I told him to take it three times a day, as you suggested, but he only took it twice a day. I wonder if he took it three times a day, if he would have seen improvement faster.)

My uncle swears that the only thing that he has done differently in his life since being diagnosed with leukemia is take zeolite twice a day. He is now telling everyone about it. My father (my uncle’s brother) is old and stubborn and has refused to listen to me about zeolite. He is a medicine person. He will take a medication with a million side effects (some which include death!) but he won’t take a health supplement with no side effects. Anyway, my father now wants to start taking zeolite. I will keep you updated with his progress soon.

Thanks for all the info on zeolite!

Katie C.


Health can be restored through detoxing and balancing pH.

I have been using zeolite to help rid my system of toxins that have been causing the latest kidney issue called “Minimal Change Disease”.  The medical profession, after a painful kidney biopsy and loading me up with prescription drugs, and CT Scans, blood tests, UAs, etc… still has no clue what is causing the disease.  So I started on a new diet of mostly fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, rice, some chicken, and taking zeolite and my Stage 3 kidney disease (GFR 53) improved to Stage 2 (GFR 79) within 4-5 weeks!

I would love to tell my story and help many others who have been diagnosed with “Minimal Change Disease” (or any other disease) to know how important it is to consider the impact toxins have on your immune system and how they can use the safest product that helps eliminate them Zeolite.

Chuck R.


…My CA-125 had been steadily going down from a high of 133 after my big cancer surgery.  It got down to 72 over a couple of years.  Then, my dad died and my mother got diagnosed with Alzheimers.  I am a stress eater, and I deviated from Dr. P’s very strict nutritional plan.  Anyway, to make a long story a little shorter, my CA-125 got back up to 118 early last November.  I really ate a lot of stuff I was not supposed to over the holidays…fun but BAD! 
I recently saw my regular oncologist, who I haven’t seen for over 5 years.  They drew a CA-125, and it was already down to 71 after only taking the Destroxin for a little over a week.  I couldn’t believe it!  My alt doc, Dr. P, has told me that those CA-125s are just a snapshot of your blood on a specific day, and that they can vary something like 50 points from day-to-day, but I gotta say, after steadily seeing mine rise over the past couple of years, it was AWESOME to see a drop!…

Thanks again, and I will be ordering more!


… I did finally order from the link you gave me in U.K. and am feeling better on my Zeolite again♡ , my detoxification pathways are not working properly with this Heavy Metal Poisoning. I have MCS and leaky gut too so I had a lot of ‘reabsorbtion’ and/or ‘retoxification’ going on and I feel that the Zeolite is helping to prevent this as well. It relieves my MCS symptoms, especially severe ‘crisis’ on and after exposures, and I really noticed this when I ran out. Thanks again♡

Regards, Therese.


I myself have only been taking the Zeolite for 4 or 5 days and I am so excited about it.  I am feeling much better with heaps of energy.  I have mercury poisoning so even though the rash over my whole body is looking far better, I still have a few bumps and warty-looking lesions which will disappear in time.  I am totally amazed with this product and took it to my naturopath yesterday and I couldn’t stop praising it.  He has taken the details about it and is very interested.  I had hair analysis done a few weeks back and will get it done again in a couple of months so he can see the results.  Yesterday with my live bloods he was very impressed at how I had cleaned up the inside.  This mercury poisoning has disrupted my digestion and now I have parasite activity.  My lymphatic system is not working properly.  I will stay on this product as maintenance for life.

I am now getting my husband on it as well as he has been a heavy smoker all his life.  He gave up a couple of years ago at age 68 so he still has the risk of cancer but I am sure if he keeps up the Zeolite he will be OK.

I am truly grateful for all your help

Kind regards,

Pauline B.


FYI: I have been using Zeolite for over 5 years, started when I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and as of today there are no signs of the cancer.

Victor L.


Your help and expertise, was
Invaluable to me. Helped many, many people. I myself, had heavy metal toxicity. I had testing done on myself, from several practitioners. With results, of metals, Mercury, lead etc at very high levels. After using the Pure Zeolite, and being retested, my levels decreased substantially, to the point where, I have below levels of all metals. I with out a doubt, know that this product “zeolite pure, Has been the one thing that I will not do without. Proof that I have is my testing done at well know labs, and physicians, that are well respected, and well renowned in there expert fields.
I will always be grateful, to you, for introducing me to zeolite pure

Best regards,



Love Zeo Health’s product. I am a former Waiora distributor. My upline there had told me that there is no way to tell in advance if the product is going to help someone or not. She told me they just have to try it and see. Some people it helps and some it doesn’t, she said. An overweight nurse practitioner (NP)friend weighing 250 lbs. had bought the Waiora drops from me and reported she noticed no effect at all from taking the entire contents of the dropper bottle as directed.  A nutritionist friend who had sold Waiora for years told me the NP would need to take at least twice the recommended dosage to notice an effect due to her weight. The nutritionist switched to Zeohealth and I did too. The NP just got your new micronized zeolite from me yesterday. She took one scoop full last night and this morning when she got up and voided her urine smelled very strongly of metal.  She is excited about your product now. Your product must be much more effective than the Waiora product! I sold your former Zeolite (the smaller jar not so finely ground) to a friend with knee achiness with stiffness and mild pain which she had for a number of years. It had improved in recent years due to improved diet. The discomfort completely vanished the second day after she started taking your zeolite pure product once a day.

All the best,

Nancy T. RN

Phoenix, AZ


i just wanted to tell you that i have been taking the zeoav and giving it to my dogs and my husband for one week-

the dogs have stopped scratching and licking and chewing about 95% in a week!!

i am feeling calmer and more relaxed, but with lots of energy.

my husband hasn’t improved much, but he is much more sick.

i think this supplement is a miracle!!

thank you!!



I started out taking Zeolite AV for HPV on my vocal chords.  After six months it was gone(!)  Two years later, I’m happy to report no recurrence of the virus during this time.  Another happy coincidence, my husband had a skin condition called lychenplanus, which the dermatologist said was “manageable” but not curable. He started taking Zeolite AV also, but at the rate of one capsule twice a day.  I’m happy to report that after 8 weeks, the burning lychenplanus in his mouth resolved and after eight months, the thick, itchy, burny purple lychenplanus lesions on his legs have reduced to normal skin levels, the skin is flexible again, burning and itching have stopped and there is just mildly dark pigmentation where the lesions were. I believe if he had been willing to take more capsules each day, he would’ve had faster results.  In any case, this is a release from purgatory for my husband!  THANK YOU!



Thanks for putting us onto this amazing product.

I have switched to the powdered zeo health tub.

I have been taking Zeolite for about 4 Years, but my wife has always been very sceptical about alternate medicines etc.

I finally convinced her to start taking the Zeolite powder, which she has been doing mostly on a regular basis for the past 6 weeks.

She has always suffered from cysts on her scalp ( approx 10 – 12 ) but to her amazement and mine, after only 6 weeks of taking the Zeolite 4 of the cysts have already disappeared.

The other interesting point, is that she was only taking half of the recommended dose.

Just thought you would like to know.



After the Japanese earth quake I was researching how to take radiation out of the body. I found  that Zeolite detoxifies the body. So I order your Zeolite Pure. Then a  big surprise changed our lives.

My son has Aspergers.  It was a struggle every day for him to do the simplest things. Like getting out of bed, brushing his teeth, bathing, communicating, the list went on and on. The things you and I take for granted was not given to him. He looked forward to a life full of disappointments. He had no friends. My wife and I felt like we had let him down because there was nothing we could do other than love him. Then the big surprise, three days after the family started taking Zeolite Pure. My boy started to get out of bed without prompting with a smile. He got ready by himself, which he never did in the past. After only two weeks of taking Zeolite Pure, his special Ed teacher contacted me and started crying, she called him a miracle. He now has many friends and for the most part has a bright future. He is our miracle child, thanks to an unsuspected result of Zeolite. The Zeolite took whatever it was in his body out that was causing his brain not to work normally.  –

Skyler M.


I ordered the zeolites powder and with one scoop my skin problem was 50% better and after 3days it is unbelievable how my skin around the neck is clearing up.

I was in tears.



I have fibromyalgia and along with it comes the wonderful IBS. I used a bottle of your zeolite and it reduced the problem significantly and completely conquered the “gas” problem. At the moment I just do not have the money to buy more but I do think your product is wonderful.

eileen w.


I was using Zeolite to detox, and after I stopped, I got sick with sinus inflammation, which triggered a relapse of Trigeminal Neuralgia. I had oral surgery to remove bone cavitations and replace mercury fillings, which ended my Trigeminal Neuralgia pain almost immediately. I have been detoxing for a week now since the surgery.  I have been taking the Destroxin, using more on days when I feel worse, and it has made a huge difference.  This may be kind of gross, but I can tell when it’s working particularly well because bowel movements will have a strong smell, with an almost chemical-like odor. This was especially true not long after I stopped taking the prescription pain pills. –

Kimberley M


I was diagnosed with end renal failure. After telling my friends, they’re naturopaths, they put me on to zeolite with other herbal medicines to help prolong my kidney function. So I thought , what have I got to lose. I’m improving, and my diabetes is stabilized.                    great magic stuff.

joseph mckenzie


I have suffered for decades from IBS with diarrhea. I have never found a cure or treatment that worked. I was on dangerous prescription drugs for a period of time that gave me some relief, always aware of the symptoms of Ischemic bowel which could have killed me.

One day I was doing some research and found Esdifan. I ordered it just out of curiosity and to my surprise it worked! I continued to do more research to see what it was that made it so fabulous. It was Zeolite! I never go anywhere without my Esdifan and continue to use Zeolite powders in my smoothies daily to pull out the heavy metal in my body. I would recommend everyone use Zeolite powders daily to fight radiation, heavy metal, and toxins from our environment. I am a nurse working in anti-aging medicine. I love what I do and want to let everyone know how I have been helped by Zeolite!

Joyce W.


A couple of years ago I received a copy of a medium  size pamphlet size magazine named “Scoopified”, edited by Diane  Morgan in Bellingham, WA. that contained over a hundred  business opportunities and general information on multiple articles of  life interests on many subjects of vital intelligence. One such subject was about the mineral, ZEOLITE, and how it removes toxins from our bodies.

At this time I was suffering from painful rashes on my legs. I ordered the Zeolite and applied it and right away the rashes went away..

I started filling capsules with Zeolite and taking 3 a day and after a short while my arthritis got better and soon disappeared from my hands.

tim t.


Few years before I changed my diet to seafood-vegetarian, cut down all the intake of red meat and hope to seek for a better health. Most of the time I ate prawn & fish. From May 2011, some rashes came up from my skin and it is eczema. Through a whole year until now, I have tried dermatology with a lot of steriod, aromatherapy, homeopathy, energy healing, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, ayurveda…. none of it cured my eczema. My friend gave me 2 packs of zeolite, and seems that the eczema is more stable now…

J Young


Briefly, I suffered from IBS and indigestion. Also, I was a smoker who smoked a pack a day. I read about zeolite and placed an order for one bottle. After using it, the IBS totally gone, indigestion eased and it helped me to quit smoking as easy as unimaginable. There were no withdrawal symptoms because zeolite absorbs nicotine out of your system within days.

Let me say, Zeolite is the best natural thing in this world that teaches you why disease occurs in the first place.

Alaa M


WHAT A PRODUCT!!! I spent most of my 70+ years finding toilets or just going anywhere. then I tried your product-WOW.  I had a friend call with the same problem and took her a bottle, she now thinks I am God’s assistant.  Then my doggie got diarrhea and we gave her some-same miracle happened.  DON’T EVER QUIT SELLING THIS PRODUCT!!! 

Marlene K.


I have been using powder Zeolite and have had amazing results. I have so much more energy, my knees and hips (which were quite stiff and sore) are now virtually pain free and I’ve only been using it for a few weeks. I’ve also lost the fogginess in my head that I had upon awaking; sometimes lasted all day. I also had restless leg which seems to have disappeared. This is truly amazing!



I’ve been taking lots of medications loaded with nasty side effects: nausea, headache, muscle pain, and I felt my liver was going to burst. I started taking zeolite for the last 3 months, and all the side effects have receded 75%. Will continue to take it since my liver seems to be healing too!

Thank you for carrying this product and bringing regular people in touch with this miraculous element. God bless you 🙂 Paula  H


I was working out of town and met a fellow who had cancer and said Zeolite has helped him improve his condition and his quality of life.

My Dad has pancreatic cancer with bone involvement, I bought this for him a year ago and he takes it regularly. His cancer count on his lab test is down and his bone involvement has not increased. –

Douglas Hedemark –


I have been suffering from chronic fatigue that has held me back from doing the things I love for over 12 years. I am 26 years old and I am just discovering that I have a problem with heavy metals. I feel as if I have been robbed of my life. I bought the zeolite pure powder. It has been two days and I am starting to feel the positive cleansing effects of the product. There are so many people out there selling “zeolite” but I feel this may be the purest form on the net. Thank you zeolite for your product.

Daniel Williams


As CEO of the Holistic Cooking Academy of Canada, I am promoting your website and product in our class discussions on detoxification as the most effective product in the marketplace today to chelate toxic metals out of the body in the least amount of time. Zeolite is the most convenient and least expensive way to get rid of any toxic metal detected by hair analysis. Hair analysis showed me I had ten toxic metals in my body since age 60 lodged there for years in my bones and coming out all of a sudden, black lead around every cell in my body, and my body on the edge of cancer. My cells looked really ugly.  Zeolite quickly cleaned all ten of them out of my body, proven by hair analysis within the year. It has helped to reduce my chronic overweight – as excess fat is the wisdom of the body to dilute toxins captured in fat cells so the person doesn’t die. Thanks to Donna Henhoeffer, a holistic catering chef from Kitchen-Toronto, and now an instructor with us at our international head office in the Ottawa River Valley for introducing me and this Academy of Zeolite. Thank you for bringing this miracle product to the marketplace.  Lori Nichols Davies

Over the last 4 months I have become so tired I often sleep from 7 P.M – 4:00 P.M on weekends, very lethargic, depressed, and stressed and on work days, I walk in the house get something to eat and go straight to bed. I used to be on the go all the time, however now I have no desire to go anywhere. I am a breast cancer survivor and have the BRACA 1 gene, I have one kidney and now have started having migraines approx. 4 a month and at times coming two days in a row.

I was at a home & garden show this weekend and the gentleman doing a cooking demonstration started talking to me and asked me to speak with him after the show. He asked me to look straight at his eyes and he told me my sinuses on the left side are clogged and causes me to have headaches on my right side…That is where I get my headaches and visual auras. I had not told him I have headaches. He told me I have a muscles under my shoulder that gives me many problems. So true! And then, he told me my liver is congested and mentioned Zeolite and how to get it. Now mind you as far as I can tell he has no affiliation with this product but told me about his wife having MS and is now doing so much better after a month of being on Zeolite. I hope I have the same results! –

Marta C.





Thank you so much for getting back with me, I have been having a terrible time with my IBS/D, and the Dr gave me a narcotic  take! Which I refuse to take. So I am super happy to find this product, it really works for me, I might have to take it long term, so please don’t stop making this!!! It has given me a normal life!

Thanks again

Tracy M.