Health Ranger’s Disturbing Lies about Zeolite

There is NO DANGER of lead and aluminum in zeolite! Again, there is NO DANGER of lead and aluminum in zeolite!

For some time now, I’ve been hearing horrible things about zeolite from people, warning me of extremely high levels of lead and aluminum in it. People are often misinformed about zeolite because it is an aluminosilicate structure, so they assume aluminum is being absorbed by your body from the zeolite. It doesn’t! But I kept hearing this misinformation more and more lately, and it seemed as if this rumor had to come from some recent source.  Turns out, I was right. The supposed “Health Ranger” is on a quest to destroy the reputation of zeolite for his own financial gain.

For many years now, I’ve been taking my daily dose of zeolite and have maintained perfect health. I was in the Vietnam War and was exposed to high amounts of Agent Orange. I’ve known many who have developed cancer and have passed away from exposure to this deadly herbicide. For decades, I have remained cancer free and I attribute this to taking zeolite religiously.

The amount of aluminum and lead the Health Ranger claims that zeolite leaches into the body are ASTRONIMCAL! People would be dead, or at least brain dead, from ingesting this amount of toxic metals. Yet, I’m still alive, and in better health than ever after all these years… So how did the Health Ranger come up with these results?

Health Ranger’s Qualifications

First off, the Health Ranger claims to be an independent journalist. Yet, he is now also a self-proclaimed chemist, doing lab experiments in his own personal lab… or as he puts it an “activist-turned-scientist.” I had no idea it was that easy to become a ‘scientist.’ I always thought you had to go to college for about nine to ten years and receive a PhD to become an expert in a specific subject… (To think of all the years I wasted going to college to become a doctor! I should have taken the Health Ranger route and just ‘turned- doctor,’ without the education and training to back it up. )

I’m sorry if I sound angry, but I am. Clinoptilolite-zeolite is a wonderful healing mineral that has helped countless people plagued with all sorts of health issues. This man is spreading misinformation and depriving people of improving their health so he can gain financially—not expose the truth as a reporter should.

Health Ranger’s Motives

Let’s pretend for a minute that the Health Ranger has a proper lab and is really testing all of these products, including zeolite. What’s his motivation for buying hundreds of thousands of dollars in lab equipment, and spending time and money to test all these products? For the pure satisfaction of doing to good deeds and informing the public? (Can’t make much money to support his lab just doing this.) Of course not. It’s to sell his own product line. That’s right… It’s a complete marketing game. Periodically, he trashes the products of a supplement industry,which always have bad test results, and then he states at the end of his articles, ‘Oh, by the way, here is my product which I personally tested in my lab and it is the best around.’ Here is an example: At the end of his initial article on zeolite, and several other follow up articles, the Health Ranger promotes a cesium detox product, which contains zeolite and is just perfect for a nuclear holocaust. Very SHADY, to say the least.

Health Ranger’s Blatant Lies

Many people have caught onto the Health Ranger’s lies about zeolite and started to question him about why they should take his cesium detox product when there is zeolite in it and zeolite seems to be so dangerous. He easily filled in this gap by claiming that zeolite only absorbs cesium and no other metal. This is a ridiculous lie. Zeolite works like a magnet and cannot pick and choose the metals it absorbs. It is negatively charged and absorbs positively charged toxins—it’s that simple. Heavy metals, such as LEAD and ALUMINUM, are negatively charged, and thus zeolite will absorb them, not release them. The Health Ranger knows that the public trusts his word and uses his website as a means of wrongfully educating his readers, so they can be led straight into buying his product. He is a completely unethical man.

Mental State of Health Ranger

Further, I would like to point out that the Health Ranger does not seem mentally stable. In one of his articles about zeolite, he threatens small zeolite companies with guns, proclaiming things along the lines of ‘Come and get me! I’m waiting for you with my guns fully loaded!’ These are not the words of a sane individual, and I’m not sure how anyone can take him seriously and believe any of the garbage he spews. Sounds more like he’s looking for trouble and trying to start a fight than looking out for the public’s wellbeing.

Challenging the Health Ranger with Real Facts is Not Allowed

By the way, I also want to add that I attempted to challenge the Health Ranger’s make-believe theories about zeolite by leaving well informed, actual science based comments under a number of his articles that pointed out the numerous flaws in his ridiculous logic, but they were all never published. Any comment challenging him that was published was very tame, and didn’t get into details at all. And why would he publish anything that did challenge him? He obviously has absolutely no journalistic integrity. He is just a slick-talking salesman, disguised as a true superhero looking out for the good of the people. He is purposely scaring the public and trying to take down an industry that can help protect us from the pollutants we face every day, which will ultimately keep us safe from illness and even cancer. But why should the Health Ranger care about your health when he’s looking to make a buck for himself? Probably because he needs to pay off his phony lab.

My Motives

I am not selling any products and I am not making any money by writing this article. Zeolite is a wonderful mineral with amazing healing abilities. I know that it saved me from developing cancer, and I want everyone to understand that clinoptilolite-zeolite is perfectly safe to ingest and take daily. It will not leach aluminum and lead, but instead will remove these harmful toxins from the body.